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The natural components of our phyto-ointments are extracts of medicinal anti-psoriasis plants. The ointments are manufactured according to our patented technology.

White Birch Leaves – possess anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities. Traditionally used in popular medicines for treating skin ailments, including those with suppurative processes.

Celandine – has an analgesic effect, eliminates inflammation, destroys pathological micro flora, calms, soothes, improves metabolism, helps to heal afflicted skin.

Bur-marigold – anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Eliminates itching, redness and prevents allergic reactions.

Cudweed – promotes marked anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory actions, hastens to restore damaged tissue.

Calendula – effectively eliminates inflammation, irritation of the skin and itching, destroys harmful bacteria and prevents the development of infections.